'You're nearly 40! You should be able to get up!'. That was the slightly bemused voice of The Boyfriend this morning. He is *shudders* what's known as a morning person.

I am not.

My reply: 'Why? WHY?! Whyyyyyy (yes, in whiny voice, eyes still shut tight) should I be able...

As part of this blog I had a grand idea that I'd interview women of note - ones I admire, ones who are famoooous, about how it feels to turn 40.

But then I realised, one by one, that the women I wanted to talk to were not, on the whole, 40. oops.

They were all younger -...

March 3, 2017

So here's the post I didn't write last week. I am suffering from a bad case of over-comparing - constantly wondering why I am not doing more, being like so-and-so etc. 

There have been some reasons for this escalating lately. The BRILLIANT catastrophe started again this...

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September 12, 2017

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