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39 is fine: The joy of socks

Instagram is a fickle mistress. Unless you are a beach-body-ready-yoga-posing-clean-eating-guru or have the surname Kardashian, it’s hard to get that many likes. I post a lot of my food, which often gets a few likes. But then a couple of weeks ago, something astounded me. A picture – taken on a spur of the moment before I put some boots on – got 44 likes and 7 comments, something of a personal best I think.

And the picture was – MY SOCK.

Yep, one sock, on my foot, a blue and white number, with a penguin on.

What’s this got to do with turning 40, you ask? Well, surely at 39, I should be sporting some kind of plain, chic, cotton number. A pop sock, even? Or a cashmere pair?

Well, I do have plain socks. But I also – thanks to Christmas, personal whims and the Dog’s Trust respectively – have a selection of what I’d call novelty socks.

And I’m afraid the older I get, the more liberated I feel when I wear them.

There’s something rebellious for me, wearing a really daft sock inside boots and going into a meeting at work, or to an event. Yes, yes, I tell them, I am Ms Grown Up Features Writer and Editor, but haha! inside my boot are socks with foxes on!

But the question is, when is a sock novelty, and when just a pattern? Is a patterned sock a novelty item, or suddenly a lot cooler or acceptable?

The Boyfriend loves stripy socks, which I guess makes them easier to pair up. He’s a practical soul like that.

I, on the other hand, have found myself wearing one squirrel and one fox from the same woodland-style pack from H&M.

I seem to gravitate towards socks with animals on – the Dog’s Trust ones were a charity fundraising effort, and are ‘socks trust’ (cute, eh?). They’re bright yellow, though. So they stay inside boots for sure!

So am I alone in liking a non-plain sock? Are my socks with penguins, dogs and cows (thanks mum for those!) ok to wear at 39? Is this turning a middle finger up at sartorial trends, knowing that while I may have to wear make up these days (well, not HAVE to, but it helps) and perhaps a smarter work attire, I can always rock a crazy sock?

I asked friends as I love to for this blog, and they gave me so many funny comments, and added pictures, and made a day this week all about socks which, was, well, a joy. The joy of socks…

Claire: I love a novelty sock. Maybe not kids ones but something fun - or sparkly ones, just peeking over the top of an ankle boot

Daniel: I ask myself the same thing every Christmas when my old mum gives me some! I always end up wearing them though just out of niceness. Been caught out a few times on jobs though!

Rebecca: Definitely a NO unless they are inside your Wellington boots. I have no issues with them on other people and actually find them rather cool and often humorous but not for me. I feel like a teenager again and they instantly make my attempt at an outfit look a mess....Black or Navy only.... I know I am boring......

Rosie: No

Jenny: Depends what you mean by novelty. I have recently started wearing patterned socks (men's ones actually) and have loads of positive comments on them. If only wear them with jeans and trainers though - not on full display! PS: if I post pix of my socks on Instagram, oddly those pix get way more than anything else!

Annabel: Pattern yes just about. Novelty......nooooooo

Anne: I always wear muppet socks - but never matching!

Amanda: I wear nothing but novelty socks and I'm approaching 43! My favourite are my Unicorn socks which I'll post on here one day. Also like odd socks as well!

Jo: I like a pattern - don't think they're novelty though

Pam: I don't seem to have any socks that are not novelty!!! I can't actually remember the last time I brought myself socks!!

So there you go – it seems I’m not alone – hoorah!

And the final word goes to my brother, who texted: one thing worse than novelty socks – friggin character ties – like the ones with Disney characters or the Tasmanian Devil – anyone wearing those should be taken out and shot!

Luckily The Boyfriend doesn’t wear ties.

I’m in some fox socks today, and whatever you’re sporting (perhaps no socks, since it’s ‘Summer’) go sock it to em!

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