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39 is fine: Two months of 30s left

I woke up this morning and realised that it’s exactly two months until my 40th birthday.

As I mentioned last week I’m not a fan of ‘before 40’ lists BUT I am now aware of the clock ticking on my 30s and it feels important. Important to do things so I feel brilliant at 40.

Suddenly I find myself at a certain age. Hence the pic – I was clearing some stuff out for the car boot and found these. Student cards, and one fake ID!

Turns out a couple of decades ago I was desperate to be older – or have people on pub doors believe I was older.

I feel it’s important to make the most of the last two months of this decade. I wont be in my 30s in two months! Eek!

The next thought I have is why that matters or doesn’t matter. In real time, it’ll literally be that one day I say I’m 39, another day I say I’m 40. It’s literally just a number.

And I am excited to be in my 40s. I like the ‘grown up’-ness of it.

It’s funny how as we get older we resist going up in age. I was at a friends’ house last night and one of the children there was saying how she’d turned 5.

‘I TURNED FIVE BEFORE HER!’ another raced to tell me.

Er, imagine if we all raced to shout ‘I WAS FORTY BEFORE HER!’ to each other. ‘I’M FIFTY NEXT! HAHA!!! I’M OLDER!’

Daft, eh? I want to embrace my next age number like my little friend Abi who shouted about being five first. Embrace my new age, my new decade.

I worry that I won’t be my best self (a phrase I am borrowing from my friend Mel, check out her blog at, on my birthday. That I won’t be the size I want to be, or doing what I feel most proud of at work.

So in the next two months I want to work on two things. My body and self-esteem when it comes to image, health and being comfortable in myself emotionally, too.

I want to approach forty feeling proud of who I am, what I do, and who I see in the mirror.

Will I be feeling perfect about myself, my life, my status, my body on that day? Possibly, but I doubt it! But I can do my best to feel good enough. To start my 40s with a smile, with positivity and with happy vibes. Two months to go, then!

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